How to make call to IP-Phone

Jun 13, 2016 at 10:00 AM
How to make a call
Hi I am quite new in TAPI(JulmarTapi). I have read the examples from Julmar-Site, and use one application to discover the lines. My qustion is: what is the sequential process, what I have to do to make a call to a IP-Phone.
I created already a TapiMnager and call the funtion MakeCall(), but it make no call to the IP-Phone.
How I have to know, which line is the right one for me I try to make a call from every line.

Here is the code:

var manager = ne TapiManager("TapiCall", TapiVersion.V21);
TapiCall call;

foreach(var line in manager.Lines)
 call = line.MakeCall("600");