Single Step Conference

Sep 25, 2015 at 11:11 AM

We are looking for this feature "Single Step Conference", but we didn't find it.
We want to record a call using the conference feature to connect to an external device.
If this feature is not available what the best way to join the calls in a single step to reduce the conference process time.

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Delfim Pires
Oct 16, 2015 at 4:02 PM
There is no standard for this.

It all depends on your hardware. TAPI does not mandate any particular API flow or order. The assumption for anything beyond dial/drop/answer was to pretty much expect that you do things exactly how you would if it were a real handset. So if you can't do it with the handset, it probably can't be done in the software either.

You really need to check with the TSP vendor. Here are some approaches I've seen:
  1. You can try calling PrepareAddToConference on the TapiCall you want to start the conference in and pass in a TargetAddress in the MakeCallParams to that method. This will place a new call and when the target call hits the connected state a conference is automatically created.
  2. Sometimes, you can use the CompleteCall method on a TapiCall with the CallCompletionMode.Intrude - the call on hold is then conferenced in.
  3. Many TSPs do single-step conference using device-specific APIs. For this you would need the vendor docs.
It's really all up to the driver on how they expose this, TAPI won't help you discover this at all.

Good luck!