Incoming Calls and Events

Nov 7, 2014 at 1:12 PM
Good Afternoon.
I'm having a strange issue using the ATAPI library.
After i initialize the TAPI Object and subscribe some events on a TapiLine. I don't receive any event.
If i call from another phone no event is raised, if i call using the phone mapped to my TapiLine i've got the same problem. If a make a call using the TapiLine MakeCall method i see the events.

This is the code i'm using:
public TapiClass(string mac)
            _mac = mac;
            _tapiObj = new TapiManager("MyApp");

            foreach (TapiLine line in _tapiObj.Lines)
                if (line.Name.ToUpper().Contains(_mac))
                    _line = line;

            _line.Ringing += _line_Ringing;
            _line.CallInfoChanged += _line_CallInfoChanged;
            _line.NewCall += _line_NewCall;
            _line.CallStateChanged += _line_CallStateChanged;
I've tried Monitor mode and Owner mode, but nothing changes.

I'm using .NET Framework 4.0 and Cisco TSP 8.6 X64.

Thank You in advance.

Nov 7, 2014 at 2:20 PM
Compiling the solution starting from the ATAPI source seems to solve the issue. Previously i was using the NuGet version.